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Immediate green-up
Uniform color.

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Change soil quality, improve water absorption, stimulate root development,
and save money without sacrificing results.
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Change Soil Quality

The critical nutrients & advanced technology associated with SOIL PRO rx enhances the soil quality in a short amount of time. The vital nutrients contained in SOIL PRO rx are from some of the most concentrated sources in the world.
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Water Absorption

Three key factors affecting water absorption and retention are: soil salinity or salt in the soil, soil surface tension, and soil air content. SOIL PRO rx naturally addresses all three factors. SOIL PRO rx simply makes water wetter.
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Root Development

Soil Pro rx adds a natural root stimulator to maximize performance and development of a root zone that penetrates deeper into the soil. The deeper the root system, the healthier the plant.
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Save Money

A five-year test study was done on a one-acre turf area. Cost of water, fertilizer, pesticide, weed control, soil conditioner, root stimulator on high desert Idaho ground showed significant savings.
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Why you’ll love SOIL PRO rx!

SOILPRO rx Effectively:

  • Improves water absorption & drainage by making “water wetter.”
  • Reduces soil salinity without excess watering
  • Frees bound in-organics in the soil for plant usage
  • Improves microbial activity in the soil
  • Stimulates and promotes proper root system development
  • Reduces the need of fertilization by increased fertilizer retention
  • Utilized on all soils during all seasons
  • Greens quickly without excessive growth- increased synthesis
  • Reduces water costs and usage
  • Reduces fertilizer costs and usage
  • Reduces time and labor
  • Improves the environment by reducing fertilizer, saving water, restoring soil structure
  • Revolutionizes proven research with advanced technology.

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